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Corporate Professional Training

Transform your business with Sansa Technology Corporate Professional Training Services.

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Sansa Technology Training Methodology

Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Sansa Technology's Corporate Training provides a broad range of IT Training programs for Technical and non-technical staff.

Our Corporate Training programs focus on providing the necessary training to train your employees and consultants, so that they are equipped with the right expertise to meet and excel your Organizational goals.

Our expert trainers ensure that your employees are well versed with Technology and processes they are dealing with. We offer flexible training plans so that your employees can be trained at their convenience.

Our training solutions implements a unique, proven learning framework that promotes the effective use of the certification programs that delivers world-class training to our Global customers. Our courses get to the root of intricate subjects and bring clarity to difficult issues. With a mix of lecture, demonstration, case study, real-world application, and instructor experience, Sansa Technology simplifies the complexity of the challenges you face and leaves you equipped to succeed.
Cost Efficiency
Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Our Corporate Training Programs are designed to save your training costs.

  • Lower training costs per employee
  • More efficient learning technologies
  • Coordinated training delivery
  • Single point of contact
Flexible Training Programs
Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Enhance your employee productivity and business performance.

  • Training aligned to business objectives
  • Flexibility to meet changing business requirements
  • On-Site/Off-site Training
  • Increased employee and organizational productivity
Superior Training Programs
Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Employees can become more productive by focusing on enhancing mission critical skills.

  • Reduced time-to-competency
  • Flexibility to accommodate varied employee learning styles
  • Easy access to the best content
  • More effective training with less effort
Training highlights
Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs have the following highlights:
  • Proven training programs.
  • Excellent track record.
  • Courses tailored for your Organization needs.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable instructors.
  • Choice of locations - Your premise, Our premise or Conference Center near your office location.
  • Small Class Room for personalized attention.
  • High Performance computer equipment and software.
  • Coordinated Training Delivery.
  • Independent Corporate Division to handle the corporate queries.
  • Flexibility to kickoff immediate and time driven training programs.
Our Most Popular Courses: (Please visit our Syllabus page to get the complete list of courses we offer)

Business Analysis and Project Management Training
Business Analysis

Mobile Development
Android Development
IPhone Development

Databases & Data Warehousing
SQL Server
Data Warehousing

Java Programming
Learning Core Java
Java EE 6 Development
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect

Microsoft Technologies
.Net Framework Programming

Project Management Training
PMP Certification Preparation

QA  [Software Quality Assurance]
Software Quality Assurance with Automation Tools
Whitebox Testing with Java

Siebel CRM Development and Administration
Siebel Development

Customized Training
Secure Programming
Design Guidelines
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Please visit our Syllabus page to get the complete list of courses we offer.
Sansa Technology Professional Training Programs Our clients

"I was very satisfied with the contents of the course which covered a wide range of useful topics... I would like to attend more of his classes in the future." - Jaishree, J2EE Engineer

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